Actor in Oscar-Nominated Film May Not Be Able to Obtain a Visa to Attend the Oscars

Actor in Oscar-Nominated Film May Not Be Able to Obtain a Visa to Attend the Oscars

Cast-member of Oscar nominated Netflix film, Roma, has been denied entry to the United States three times in the last year.

Jorge Antonio Guerrero is an actor from Mexico who plays the protagonist’s boyfriend, Fermín, in Roma. The character is a member of Los Halcones, a paramilitary group.

Roma has been nominated for a stunning 10 Oscars: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Foreign Language Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Mixing, Best Production Design, and Best Sound Editing.

It is traditional for the principle cast of films nominated for Best Picture to be invited to attend the Oscars. Many think Roma will take home the award.

Guerrero gave an interview explaining that he had missed all film festivities in the United States because he was unable to obtain a visa. “The first time [I applied] was at the beginning of last year,” he said, “Back then, I didn’t have anything related to the movie and my intentions were just for tourism…But then I started receiving invitations from Netflix in October and November to attend red carpets and the Golden Globes.”

According to Guerrero, he was denied even after going to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico with a letter from a Roma producer explaining that he was invited to the Golden Globes and the Oscars. “I brought a letter that they didn’t want to read, to be honest…”

Describing his next attempts, Guerrero said, “In my second try, they said that I was going to work and I told them no, I was going because I was invited. And this last try wasn’t even memorable, it felt like the woman I spoke to was already a little angry.”

Sources say that Netflix is trying to obtain a visa so that Guerrero can attend the Oscars. Guerrero said, “If we could find a way for a person from the consulate or embassy to read these letters, they could understand the artistic need I have and the cultural exchange that’s happening between two nations.”

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