Bernardine is now a Citizen!

Bernardine is now a Citizen!

Bernardine was born and raised in Ireland.

She came to the United States and received a green card in 1981 through marriage to her prior spouse.

Bernardine had three children, all are U.S. citizens by birth.

Although she divorced, she was able to keep her green card.

She has been a permanent resident in the United States for 38 years!

In May 2019, she wanted to apply for citizenship.

Bernardine called the HLP team and Attorney Amany Ragab Hacking began working on her citizenship application.

Soon, she was scheduled for an interview and asked to complete the citizenship test.

In December 2019, Bernardine completed her interview.

The interview went very fast, and the immigration officer approved her case!

Bernardine took her oath earlier this month and is now a U.S. citizen!

We are so glad that we were able to help her on her journey to become a citizen.

Congratulations Bernardine!