Alleged Armored Car Robber to Be Deported Back to Great Britain

Edward John Maher, once called “Fast Eddie” after news reports of his alleged theft of an armored vehicle filled with $1.5 million was arrested in Ozark, Missouri in February of this year. Now it appears he will be returning to England to face the charges.

A federal judge recently signed the order granting Edward John Maher’s attorneys request for Maher’s release from federal marshals to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Enforcement and Removal Operations division.

Maher will be deported back to England, but no information is available on the specifics of the deportation itself. He will continue to remain a defendant in the federal case against him with charges of being an illegal alien in possession of firearms and fraud. In addition,

The Suffolk Police of England are aware of the developments and have contacted the British Consulate in Chicago. There has not been a formal request for a travel document for Maher and it may take weeks to be issued. Until the document has been obtained, the exact details of deportation will not be known.