DOJ Disciplines 30 Immigration Attorneys for Shady Practices

DOJ Disciplines 30 Immigration Attorneys for Shady Practices

The Executive Office for Immigration Review issued its monthly report of disciplined immigration attorneys and representatives.  The EOIR maintains a list of all disciplined immigration attorneys here.

The June report listed eighteen suspended lawyers and twelve who received final orders.  The suspensions followed disbarments or suspensions by the local state bar for each attorney.  The complaints ranged from engaging in the unauthorized practice of law, neglect, failure to communicate with clients, lack of diligence, conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice, lack of candor toward a tribunal, dishonesty, fraud and misrepresentation.  Some EOIR actions followed criminal activity by the disciplined attorney.

We take no pleasure in describing the kind of negative treatment that some immigrants receive from their immigration attorney.  We raise the point to simply remind prospective clients that “buyer beware.” Feel free to contact our St. Louis office if you wish to discuss our credentials or to find out how our immigration attorneys can help you with your case.  You owe it to yourself to make the best decision possible, no matter what the particular legal problem is.