Fiance Visa Approved

Fiance Visa Approved

One of the best things about practicing immigration law is helping people in love be together.  Our office handles a fair number of spouse and fiance visa cases and everyone at the firm finds these cases fulfilling.  When clients invite us to weddings or celebrations for an overseas spouse’s arrival in the U.S., we do everything that we can to attend.

Late last summer, we were contacted by a man named Bruce in Warren, Ohio.  Bruce had applied for a fiance visa with USCIS and his application had been denied.  As USCIS often does, they quibbled over one of the forms that Bruce had submitted and rejected the fiance visa petition.

After a long phone conference call, Bruce decided to hire our firm to help him bring his fiance Jesica from Manila in the Philippines.  We swung into action and got the application on file.  The case sailed right through CIS and was quickly set for interview.  Jesica was approved and she has now come to the U.S. to get married and obtain her lawful permanent resident status.

The interesting thing about this for our firm is that we have not actually met Bruce or Jesica, which is a bit unusual for us.  Hopefully, the happy couple can stop by next time they come through St. Louis.