Group Asks Whether Comprehensive Immigration Reform is Reform at all? | Missouri Immigration & Deportation Attorney Jim Hacking

Families for Freedom is an organization started 10 years ago that is composed of former detainees, deportees and their loved ones. The group fights for human rights and address the unjust systems that criminalize immigrants because they are poor or of color. The group has recently started a new approach to helping immigrants after a record number of people have been deported.

The group claims that “In the last four years the U.S. has forced close to two million people out of the country.” The group also argues that President Obama’s policies that aggressively target poor communities through programs such as “Secure Communities” and “Stop and Frisk” continue to marginalize those who are already beat down in society. Further proposals such as expanding skilled guest worker programs, requiring English literacy proficiency, and requiring a national ID card threaten civil liberties and human rights.

Families for Freedom acknowledges the role politics play in immigration reform and are concerned for the emphasis on acquiring the support of “new Asian and Latino voters.” According to the group, the promised rallies for changing policies that are “thinly veiled deportation programs” are neither reform nor comprehensive. Families for Freedom fear that the new immigration laws will eventually lead to the breakup of families and only hurt immigrants who are trying to make a living in this country.

They recommend that the administration reflect on the policies they plan to implement and remember to keep family unity values and respect for human rights at the core of any legislation changes they make. There are five main recommendations this organization suggests:

  • Create laws that promote family unity
  • Stop deportations
  • End detentions
  • Demilitarize the border
  • Terminate the bond between immigration and local enforcement

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