H1B Visa Lottery

H1B Visa Lottery

In America, a foreign national is not allowed to work in the United States without permission. To get that permission, their employer has to file paperwork to get them an H1B visa. Last year, there were 85,000 H1B visas available. There were 200,000 people that applied for those visas. If someone gets selected, they can work in the United States for another three years and apply for a green card.

When there are more applications than allowed in the cap, the United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) holds a lottery. While somewhat of a misnomer of a name, lottery simply refers to a computer-generated selection process for H1B applications.

How Valued is the H1B?

The H1B visa is highly valued. Compared to other visas, the requirements are straightforward: a job offer, the requisite education level, and you cannot be the sole proprietor of the sponsoring company. Also, the H1B allows foreign workers to bring their spouses and children.

Contact an Attorney Who Cares

While this process is undoubtedly daunting, there are a number of steps you can take that could help improve your odds of selection should USCIS become flooded with applications. First and foremost is selecting the right legal representation that has experience filing for H1B visas. Contact a lawyer at the Hacking Immigration Law, LLC for more information about how you could better prepare yourself and your application.