How the Trump Immigration Ban May Affect Visa Applications

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On April 20, 2020, President Donald Trump announced a 60-day temporary halt on United States immigration in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. While the initial announcement caused concern for many individuals, further details laid out how the Trump immigration ban may affect certain groups. With many changes occurring at a rapid rate, many are wondering how the Trump ban affects immigration and what actions they can take to move their visa applications and cases forward.

How will the Ban Affect Visa Applications?

The Trump immigration proclamation applies to United States embassies across the world. Under the current proclamation, embassies are unable to issue visas to many immigrants seeking to enter the United States.

Can I Still Apply for a Visa?

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the National Visa Center (NVC), and U.S. embassies are still able to process visa applications. Because of this, an individual may still move their case forward and prepare to obtain a visa once the COVID-19 immigration ban is lifted. As a result, an individual may still apply for a visa, file lawsuits for process delays, and continue to submit documents to move their case forward.

Can I Still Apply for an Adjustment of Status?

The current immigration ban from the Trump administration does not apply to individuals already in the United States who wish to adjust their immigration status. As a result, a person can still file a petition to remove conditions from their permanent resident status. Individuals who have had their visa or immigrations status affected by COVID-19 also may apply for an extension of stay (EOS) or a change in status (COS) with USCIS.

Can I Currently Enter the U.S. with a Visa?

Individuals who currently have a valid visa and are outside of the country may still be able to travel to the United States under the current immigration ban from the Trump administration. In some cases, it may be beneficial for these individuals to enter the United States before their visa expires.

Contact an Experienced Lawyer to Discuss How the Immigration Ban from the Trump Administration Could Impact Visa Applications

While the current Trump immigration ban is set to last 60 days, it is possible that the administration could extend the order. As a result, a person seeking to immigrate to the U.S. should not delay in filing a visa application or continuing the immigration process. A knowledgeable immigration attorney from Hacking Immigration Law, LLC could guide you through the recent changes and help move your case forward. If you have more questions or concerns regarding how the Trump immigration ban could affect your visa application, contact us today.