ICE deports Missouri man despite protests from religious leaders and 2 US citizen children

ICE deports Missouri man despite protests from religious leaders and 2 US citizen children

Josue Noe Sandoval-Perez has captured the hearts and attention of religious leaders in Kansas City who have been working to prevent his deportation. Unfortunately, after starting a campaign to prevent the separation of another immigrant family, ICE has deported Sandoval-Perez who leaves behind his wife and two children.

ICE deports man after traffic stop

41-year-old Sandoval-Perez was being held in a detention facility after a routine traffic stop showed that he did not have a license nor any identification documents. After he was taken to the police station, ICE showed up and transported him to their holding area while they interrogated Sandoval-Perez for hours.

While he has no criminal background and is the sole provider for his family, ICE has taken into consideration that Sandoval-Perez was deported once before and has once again reentered the country illegally. This was enough for them to refuse to offer him prosecutorial discretion.

Family separated as prosecutorial discretion is denied

Prosecutorial discretion is when immigration officials take into consideration individuals’ cases and decline people from removal proceedings or delaying removals in cases where they have a longstanding tie to the community, or have U.S. citizen family members. While some believe this offers more room for ICE officials to prevent the separation of families, others criticize immigration officials saying this is a subjective process. Religious officials who sought to keep Sandoval-Perez in the U.S. with his family are calling this separation “a tragedy.”

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