Immigration raid follows counterfeit ring investigation

Immigration raid follows counterfeit ring investigation

Police were investigating a man whom they suspected was part of a counterfeit DVD ring a few days ago when they ended up stumbling on something completely unexpected. Alton police followed their suspect to what they believed was his place of residence and found several undocumented immigrants being held in cramped and unsanitary living quarters.

Police looking for man with piracy charge

The man police were looking for was previously arrested for piracy and they believe he was still making copies of CDs and DVDs and selling them at flea markets. While following him to what they believed at first was his residence, police grew curious after they saw him delivering groceries instead of the DVDs. Officers discovered they were at the home of Barb Mar Lane which was housing over 87 undocumented immigrants.

Border Patrol takes over case

Police quickly notified Border Patrol agents who took all but 10 of the immigrants into custody as the few others ran. Investigators believe the immigrants were living in unsanitary conditions with overflowing septic tanks and cramped living quarters. Between the house and a trailer that was sitting behind it, immigrants from Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador were residing there unbeknownst to anyone. Now in addition to piracy charges, the man, who remains unidentified, may be facing a federal human smuggling charge. The reasons for the immigrants residing in the location and how they got there is still unknown as police work with border patrol agents to unravel the mystery.

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