Largest business-lobbying group standing behind immigration legislation

Largest business-lobbying group standing behind immigration legislation

The nation’s largest business-lobbying is ready to stand behind immigration legislation and candidates who are willing to vote for immigration. The powerful U.S. Chamber of Commerce says they “will pull out the stops” in order to encourage Congress to pass an immigration bill. With the upcoming midyear elections in Congress, the chamber president Tom Donohue announced that his group is prepared to spend heavily on lawmakers who will not be afraid to enact controversial laws such as immigration.

Financial backing for pro-immigration lawmakers

The group wants to be seen as a motivator for Congress to finish wavering on the topic and finally make a change. Some worry that because lawmakers need to be reelected, they may not want to take a strong stance on a controversial topic such as immigration for fear of alienating some voters. However, with strong financial support coming from Donohue, he hopes they may change their minds. The chamber’s manager would not disclose the group’s budget that they plan to spend on the House and Senate races but he did mention the group is looking for 6 House and Senate races to aid candidates who agree with the chamber’s positions.

House taking important steps preparing for release of new blueprint

he Senate passed a comprehensive set of immigration laws last June which began the debate over what the immigration package should include. House Speaker John Boehner is expected to be releasing a blueprint of the new immigration overhaul within the next few weeks for the House and Senate to consider.  With the help of newly hired Rebecca Tallent and other advocates who support the immigration law, Donohue says he remains “encouraged” with the House’s new approach and all sides hope there will be a compromise this year.

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