Mid-Missouri Refugees Receive 25 refurbished computers

The ‘Pay it Forward’ Program is making big impact among the immigrant population. As an act of community philanthropy, the Missouri Center donated 25 refurbished computers to the Refugee and Immigration Services which in turn was able to give out these computers to those who need them most.

Computers Refurbished by High Schoolers

The computers come from Missouri Employers’ Mutual where they are given to the “Repair It Forward” program. Volunteers there who are IT students take time to fix up and refurbish the computers until they are good as new and donate them  to those who need them most. The program itself is new and offered through Columbia Public Schools which allows high school students to learn the value of giving back to the community while still getting a grade for it.

The students are required to take a class at the center and then get real life experience by fixing donated computers and then giving them to low-income families. “It’s a good experience for the students,” said David Hopkins, who teaches the computer class. “They get to actually work on real computers and it gives them a sense of community. They get to give back to the needy.”

Computers help parents and children succeed

In order to qualify to receive one of these refurbished computers, there are certain requirements that must be met. Each family applying to receive one must have at least one school-aged child and meet the income requirements. The computers will help parents find a job or file their taxes, but also contain a similar to word program that allows kids to type up their homework.

This is especially important for children who do not have transportation to the library to use a computer. The program also offers free internet safety training for families to better understand how to use the computer. “One computer can affect several lives.”

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