Pro-immigrant groups urged to focus on cultural benefits of increased immigration

Pro-immigrant groups urged to focus on cultural benefits of increased immigration

According to Forbes Magazine, policymakers are focusing on the wrong issues regarding immigration. Conflicts have arisen over debates of border security and economics, but the largest contribution immigrants bring with themselves is their impact on civic culture.

Immigration Debate focusing on Negatives

The current debate over immigration tends to divide immigrants into very specific negative categories of “workers vs. welfare recipients, legal vs. illegal, skilled vs. unskilled, etc.” However all immigrants, whether documented or undocumented, picked up and left their home countries to move to the U.S. for a better life. If we focused more on the culture and the positive contributions immigrants have to bring to this nation, Congress would find a common ground to unify their differences.

Immigrants impact culture and patriotism

Immigration is in itself a difficult process as poor immigrants risk their wellbeing and sometimes take life threatening means to travel to another country, and even those who are more established end up having to leave behind jobs prospects and a more certain life. Because of these hardships, immigrants tend to be more likely to succeed and start new businesses to justify the sacrifices they made by leaving their home countries. In addition, immigrants tend to appreciate their communities more because they understand the importance of solid roots.

“The senses of place, belonging and deep familiarity are missing from daily life and must be recreated for the immigrant to feel whole again.” This also causes immigrants to want to be seen and accepted as good citizens to their new country. Congress is forgetting to ask what will happen to American patriotism if we continue to restrict immigration. By restricting immigration progress, policymakers are indirectly stunting America’s growth and keeping it closed and stagnant from the rest of the world. This article points out a flaw in legislator’s goals for immigration reform which is set to be introduced within the coming weeks.

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