Sad story shows why filing with immigration without an attorney is a bad idea

Sad story shows why filing with immigration without an attorney is a bad idea

Here’s a great example of why people should hire an immigration attorney and not file for benefits on their own.  John Oliver, 89-year-old World War II Royal Air Force veteran, is facing trouble when it comes to living the end of his life with his son in New Jersey.  

After filing for a green card, Oliver was blocked by immigration officials because he overstayed a 90-day visa issued in 2011.  He had overstayed his visa because his wife was dying and they were recommended to stay in New Jersey with their son.

His son Robert Oliver is quoted as saying, “Our biggest mistake was being honest.  Lawyers told us we should have just kept him here illegally.”

In 2012, Oliver’s wife, Betty, died while in hospice care.  Following Betty’s death, Robert Oliver and Mary Bradley, his fiance, worked on attaining green card status for  his father.  The proper forms were filed with the State Department and the immigration wing of Homeland Security.  

Following the denial of their applications, Robert Oliver wrote a message to the President through the white house website.

The response was generic, “Thank you for writing. America’s immigration system is badly broken, and I know many people are hurting because of it.”

Robert Oliver and his father flew to London to talk to the U.S. Embassy in London.  

“At that point the rubber stamp went down and said he was barred from the U.S. for 10 years because he overstayed his visa – something that we had reported time and time again that he was still in the country.  He never once tried to hide the fact that he overstayed his visa,” said Bradley.  Oliver never should have left the U.S. as he should have been allowed to adjust.