Saudi National Convicted of Sexual Abuse Not Being Deported Due to Questions Surrounding Warden’s Death

Homaidan al-Turki was convicted of sexually abusing his housekeeper and was put behind bars. Many called for his deportation, but now, prosecutors are hoping to halt his removal in case investigators are able to find a link between him and the recent slaying of the state’s prisons director.

Immigrant on probation and already “person of interest” in new case

Al-Turki has served his minimum sentence in prison and his lawyer is working to get him released because of his good behavior. If he would be released, he would be deported back to his home country of Saudi Arabia to serve the rest of his probation. However, if there is any link found to al-Turki in the current case, authorities would not be able to bring him back to the country and convict him. Tom Clements was shot to death outside his home a week after denying a transfer request from al-Turki. The sheriff’s department considers al-Turki a person of interest in the death and hopes to look further into it.

Good behavior should set al-Turki free

Al-Turki’s lawyers released a statement saying that their client has not been charged in the death and they deny any involvement in the matter. Because of his good behavior in prison during his time there, al-Turki would make a good candidate for release and removal from the country. Al-Turki’s attorney asks that his client be allowed to spend probation near his family in Saudi Arabia where he would be offered support and therefore have a much lower risk of reoffending. The presiding judge over the case is set to make a decision within the next 60 days. Until then, al-Turki will be transferred to a federal prison where he will be safe from the rumors over the other killing and wait out his time.

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