USCIS Issues New Guidelines for Lawyer Participation at Immigration Interviews

Historically, problems have arisen between immigration officers and the attorneys who represent individuals at immigration examinations.  This is especially true at the St. Louis field office.  Attorneys have been kicked out of interviews and examiners have commenced examinations early without counsel present.

St. Louis immigration attorney Jim Hacking applauds the new guidelines and welcomes the clarification that they provide. The guidelines make clear – first and foremost – that the attorney has every right to be present.  The memo also makes clear that attorneys can raise objections to inappropriate types of questions.  If warranted, the attorney may complain to the supervisor or even the Field Office Director.

This is an important clarification and one that every immigration attorney and potential interviewee should be aware of.  If you have a question about an upcoming interview, please contact us by either filling out our online form or by calling our toll-free 1-800 number, 1-314-961-8200.