Federal Court Rules DACA Cancellation was Invalid

Federal Court Rules DACA Cancellation was Invalid

Newsflash, newsflash.

I’m at the gym, it’s Wednesday morning and I got word that a federal court in the Northern District of California ruled late yesterday in a 40 plus page opinion that the Trump administration didn’t follow the rules in rescinding DACA.

And the judge had ordered the department of homeland security to being re-accepting renewal applications only, renewal applications for deferred action for childhood arrivals.

This means that if someone missed the boat in filing that as of right now the government is being ordered to provide this people an opportunity to file their DACA renewal.

So if you missed the DACA renewal at the September of 2017 deadline, as of right now it appears that they’re going to have to start re-accepting them.

We’ll see what happens and I’m sure the government’s going to take an appeal and they might get a stay issued.

But for now, if you missed that window you might want to think about getting your renewal application on file as quickly as possible.

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