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Certificate of citizenship obtained Many people think that if a US citizen has a newborn child overseas, that the child is automatically a citizen.  This is not always the case and depends on... VIEW POST
WIN: Appeal of Naturalization Denial Leads to Decision being overturned USCIS recently naturalized one of our Iraqi clients after a three year fight.  The agency had previously denied his N-400 application for citizenship based on a very flimsy legal... VIEW POST
Learn How this Citizenship Case Went Horribly Wrong Picture this.   You came to this country from the Philippines many years ago after marrying the man of your dreams.  You applied for and obtained a green card. ... VIEW POST
Naturalized Citizen Sues ICE for Unlawful Immigration Detainer; Judge Rules in her Favor A federal judge ruled in favor of Ada Morales, a naturalized citizen, who is suing the state and federal officials for violating her constitutional rights. She was issued an... VIEW POST
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