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Immigration News

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Report Suggests That Obama Administration is Going Easy on Employers Who Hire Undocumented Immigrants Since the Obama Administration began taking a strong stance on immigration, one of the most important rules not to violate was knowingly hiring undocumented immigrants. However, as business audits... VIEW POST
Supreme Court denies municipalities' appeal of their invalidated local immigration ordinances Two local governments, Texas and Pennsylvania, created ordinances which would prevent undocumented immigrants from being able to rent apartments. This controversial ordinance was appealed and finally made it to... VIEW POST
Pregnant Immigrant shackled and sent to Detention Center A pregnant immigrant from Honduras was shackled and flown to another immigration detention center just days before she was going to give birth. After being caught by border patrol... VIEW POST
U.S. Start-Ups being driven out of the Nation Immigrant entrepreneurs are no longer looking for the U.S. as a top choice to start their company. In fact, many successful immigrant entrepreneurs have had to pack up their... VIEW POST
Woman charged with helping immigrants commit immigration fraud while applying for asylum Deacon convicted for helping Immigrants lie to the Feds A Deacon from New York is convicted for abusing the asylum option in the U.S. immigration system through coaching Chinese... VIEW POST
Immigration reform would help alleviate nation's debt problems Economists are advising Congress to get a move on with passing immigration reform because of the large costs associated with waiting for the provisions within the bill to be... VIEW POST
Customs officials to avoid racial profiling unless necessary to protect compelling government interest The Acting Commissioner of Customs & Border Patrol has issued a directive prohibiting "invidious" racial profiling at Customs.  The memo, released on February 6, 2014 represents CBP's attempt to... VIEW POST

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