CBP Agent Charged with Murders of Four Women

A United States Border Patrol agent who was suspected of killing four women was arrested last week.

The arrested agent, Juan David Ortiz, was taken into a custody after a fifth woman allegedly escaped and told law enforcement that Ortiz is a “serial killer.”

Texas Rangers arrested Ortiz in Laredo, Texas.

Sheriff Martin Cuellar of Webb County made a statement confirming that Ortiz had murdered the four victims, one of which was transgender, in the course of two weeks.

Ortiz, a thirty-five-year-old Navy veteran, was with the United States Customs and Border Protection agency for roughly ten years.

According to Webb County’s District Attorney, Isidro Alaniz, Ortiz is a “serial kill” who would pick up sex workers at bus stops and in parking lots around the Laredo area.  Alaniz said, “He would take these women out to desolate highway areas, and once he got them there he would take them out of his truck and execute them.”

All four victims had been shot in the head with a handgun.

The victim that escaped Ortiz said that Ortiz took her to his home and started acting “weird.”  At a gas station, in Ortiz’s pickup truck, Ortiz pointed a black pistol at the victim.  Ortiz allegedly tried to stop the victim from escaping the truck.  According to the complaint, the victim pulled off her shirt to escape and ran toward a state trooper.

State troopers found Ortiz hiding in the bed of a truck about an hour later.

According to the prosecutors, Ortiz picked up a Jane Doe in Laredo that very same night that the fifth victim had escaped.  The prosecutors said that Ortiz drove her to the city limits and shot her in the head multiple times.

Ortiz confessed to killing the four women.  The district attorney said that there is no indication that Ortiz murdered any other women.

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