CBP Stole Money from Congress….

CBP Stole Money from Congress….

Customs and Border Protection isn’t doing their job.

It’s not surprising, but they took it to a new level.

Congress recently gave them a $112 million emergency fund to buy food, medicine, and other essential items for detained immigrants.

Instead, they spent the money on dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, boats, and other unauthorized items.

They thought they could get away with it.

One Congress representative, Bennie Thompson, said, “Congress provided this additional funding for the primary purpose of improving conditions for migrants at the border and ensuring migrants were receiving adequate healthcare after the deaths of multiple children in custody.

“Instead of helping migrants and improving conditions on the ground, CBP then broke the law by spending this taxpayer money on things that were not authorized — such as ATVs, dirt bikes, and computer systems.”

Congress reported this to the Government Accountability Office last Thursday.

The GAO stated that there was little to no connection between the items bought and the category that the funding was meant for.

CBP called the violations “technical in nature” and that “CBP’s obligations were for lawful objects related to agency operations and the care of those in our custody.”

They won’t take any responsibility.

They don’t think they did anything wrong.

They were given $112 million to improve the conditions for immigrants in their custody.

And they didn’t use it for its intended purpose.

Instead, they bought toys.

And immigrants are dying because of the conditions in their custody.

But they would rather have new vehicles than help minimize deaths.

And they can’t even admit that they were wrong in making these purchases.

What a waste of $112 million in taxpayer money.