Employment-Based Green Cards

Employment-Based Green Cards

There are three categories of people who can get employment-based green cards.
In most instances, a person needs an employer to sponsor them. When sponsored
by an employer, they must go through the PERM process.

Part of the PERM process involves publishing an advertisement in the newspaper
of general circulation where they are to recruit local employees. The employer
must go through a good-faith recruitment process to find local employment prior to
sponsoring a person. This certifies to the Department of Labor and USCIS that
there are no Americans who can perform the job.

95 percent of people who get employment-based green cards do it after having an
employer sponsor them and they go through the PERM process. However, if
someone is of exceptional ability or if they are doing work of national importance,
they can self-petition and they do not need an employer.

Since there are several options for those seeking employment-based green cards, it
is important to speak with an experienced professional about your options. For the
help you need, call Hacking Immigration Law, LLC today.