Fox News Frequent Guest Refuses to Appear Due to Treatment of Immigration

An advertising executive that appears frequently as a guest on Fox News refuses to appear on Fox News anymore due to the way Fox News handles immigration.

Bruce Turkel is an author and a branding expert.  In an open letter to Fox News he said, “I quit.”

His reason was, “Quite simply, the position Fox has taken on our government’s policy of separating children from their parents is too heinous for me to accept.”

He specifically called out Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity.

When faced with videos of crying migrant children in detention centers, Coulter claimed the children were “child actors” with scripts.  Turkel said in his letter that Sean Hannity called the children a part of “rolling invasion.

One Fox contributor tried to claim that the children were better off in the detention centers than with their parents.  Laura Ingraham tried to refer to the detention centers as “summer camps” and “boarding schools.”  But, most ‘summer camps’ and ‘boarding schools’ don’t have cages.

In Turkel’s letter, he said, “Accepting that this misguided policy is wrong doesn’t depend on which side of the political aisle you’re on.  It doesn’t matter if you support immigration and immigrants or if you don’t…separating innocent children from their parents and jailing them is just wrong.”

According to Turkel, this is not the first time he has disagreed with Fox News and it is not the first time he has “suffered a sleepless night wondering how I could continue to appear on your shows.”

Why this time did he choose to speak out?  Because, to Turkel, this is not a complex, two-sided issue that he can try to see both sides of.  He said, “Separating children from their parents is wrong no matter who you are.”

Fox News has not commented about the letter yet.

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