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H-1B System Penalizes the Smart People

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Ryan Young and Alex Nowrasteh have written an interesting piece describing the fundamental flaws in our country's H-1B system.  They tell the story of a seemingly brilliant inventor who came to the U.S. from Taiwan for an education.  The man holds three patents, including an invention for the cure of glaucoma.  Young and Nowrasteh point out how foolish our immigration system is in that there is no sure path for the inventor to stay in the U.S.

Young and Nowrasteh are right.  Instead of encouraging entrepreneurship and development by our smartest visitors, we have a cap on the number of these highly skilled workers.  This is unfortunate as many of these smart folks simply leave to go to another, more receptive country.

The American people need to demand that our leaders give up their political posturing and work towards real immigration reform.  Allowing immigrants to stay and start businesses helps all Americans, especially if they are working on cutting-edge medical and scientific issues.  Our system is broken and needs to be reset.  Articles like this one make the issue crystal clear.

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