How Long Is a Spouse Responsible for Sponsorship?

How Long Is a Spouse Responsible for Sponsorship?

A spouse is responsible for the person they are sponsoring until the foreign
national either becomes a US citizen or works for 44 quarters or 11 years.
Therefore, it is a serious commitment to sponsor a spouse.

Many times, especially in situations where the couple that gets married is a
younger couple, if the US citizen does not have three years of earning history, they
may need a co-sponsor as well. In this situation, the US citizen is the primary
sponsor, but they will have other people who serve as backup sponsors, like friends or family. Whenever that happens, the backup sponsor signs an affidavit of support. This means they are also responsible for the foreign national being sponsored.

Since serving as a sponsor of a foreign national is a very long-term commitment, it
is important to understand what the commitment entails. A well-versed attorney
from Hacking Immigration Law, LLC can help you understand the sponsorship
process and how long you would be responsible for the spouse you are sponsoring.