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Illinois Municipality Suspends St. Louis Company for Purportedly Violating Immigration Laws

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Insituform Technologies is still working on projects in Elgin, Illinois despite being suspended by the City following immigration employment violations, according to Insituform Technologies is a Missouri company that specializes in lining pipes and has been working as recently as September 16 on a sewer project in Elgin.

Insituform's work for the city is surprising because the company was suspended from working for the city after an audit uncovered that eight company workers lacked the required documentation to prove that they were eligible to work in the United States. The company's ban was set to run until April 30, 2012.

A representative from the city claimed that Insituform was allowed to complete work as a subcontractor due to an administrative error and that their suspension continues to be in place. The representative stressed that Elgin remained committed to ensuring that all of the companies that the city contracts with abide by federal immigration laws. For their part, Insituform's representative stated that he did not know that they were suspended from work for the city.

There are a number of different types of unlawful employment offenses provided by the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). In Insituform's case, their violation appears to be what is known as a paperwork violation. Something about their worker's paperwork was not in order and, if identified by federal authorities, they could be subject to a fine.

This case highlights one of the most controversial areas in immigration law today. The federal government has done a great deal to stop employers from hiring unauthorized workers. Suspensions, like the one placed on Insituform by the city of Elgin, could be the next step in enforcement as more and more localities have been increasing their enforcement of federal immigration laws recently.

If you are an employer or an employee and are confused about the interplay between federal and local immigration laws, please feel free to contact the St. Louis immigration lawyers at Hacking Immigration Law, LLC.


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