Immigrants Delivering Happiness

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Hey, it’s Jim. It’s Friday, September 25th. And, this video will post tomorrow, but I am outside La Bonne Bouchee. La Bonne Bouchee is a cafe here in the St. Louis, suburb of Creve Coeur. And, it’s a wonderful place, where a man named Olivier Leguet, came from France and started running this French bakery years ago. And, it has just become a marvelous place. I spent a lot of time talking about immigrants, and fighting for immigrants, and all the political and legal issues that we raise, when we talk about immigration. But, we too often miss is the contribution that immigrants like Olivier make to our society, to our town. And, this is just a beautiful place. Every piece of baked goods looks like a piece of art. And, I was just telling my team about, how amazing this chocolate cake is. I got one for my wife, she’s in surgery today. And, I’m going to post a picture of it down in the comments below, but it’s just an amazing place.

They deliver happiness at this bakery. I think the people that come in here are thrilled, to be able to look at all the beautiful pastries, and cakes, and cookies, it’s just an amazing place. So, if you haven’t been here, go check it out. I’m sure every local business is struggling right now, and would love to get the support; but we can’t ever lose sight of the fact of the wonderful contributions that immigrants make to our society, and to our community. And, in this particular situation, they just bring sweetness to the world. So, we love immigrants at the Hacking Immigration Law, and we’ll continue to support immigrant owned businesses, and we hope you do too. Thanks a lot. Have a great day.