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JIMMIGRATION: Mailbag - 1.22.2015

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Jim, I am working for Company A on H1B. Company B has filed my H1B transfer. Once B gets me a receipt number, i plan to take a vacation from A, and work for B. Once B confirms their H1B is approved, i plan to resign A, serve A few days notice, and move to B. Is it good? Thanks, Rafat (Philadelphia, PA)

Hi Rafat,

As you know, you can't start working at Job B until employer B gets the notice back.  You don't have to wait until the H1B is actually approved. I think your timeline looks fine, though, from an immigration standpoint. You should be careful to comply with any notice provisions that you have in an employment contract with A.


Hi, what happens if i missed a deadline for additional document requested by immigration officer at the naturalization interview? Diana (Berkeley, MO)

Hi Diana,

If you did not reply to a request for evidence given to you at your naturalization interview, they might deny your case for that. In fact, it might have already been denied. Click here to check on your case status. But if you have the document, I would go ahead and send it anyway even if it is late.  They might be giving you a break and are just waiting to get it back from you. Hope this helps.


Me and my family green card was stolen from home and we have to apply for citizenship on april 2015 can we apply for citizenship without the green card. Juan (Kansas City, MO)

Hi Juan. I am sorry your green cards were stolen. Yes, you can apply for naturalization without the physical green cards. You are still in lawful status. I'd be careful traveling abroad without them, but you don't have to physically have them at your interview.  You should bring the police report to your naturalization interview.

Hope this helps.  Please let me know if you have more questions.

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