Missouri Legal Services receives a 12-month grant from Charity for Immigration purposes

The Daughters of Charity Foundation of St. Louis has given a generous donation to the Legal Services of Eastern Missouri. They have decided on allocating a 12 month grant of $50,000 in support of the Immigration Law Project.

They have decided on allocating a 12 month grant of $50,000 in support of the Immigration Law Project.

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri serves the underprivileged immigrant population

St. Louis’s immigrant population has increased by over 40 percent in the last 10 years. Because of this, there is a larger demand for legal services, which many immigrants cannot afford. “This funding will enable us to provide even more services to legal immigrants and their families,” says Dan Glazier, the executive director and general counsel for LSEM. Legal Services of Eastern Missouri works mainly with an underserved community and strives to extend legal services to anyone who is in need of help. This grant is expected to have tremendous effects on the immigrant population and assist all those in the St. Louis area.

LSEM has history of serving immigrants and can continue on a larger scale

LSEM’s Immigration Law Project started back in the 1990s in order to meet the legal needs of a growing immigrant population which was vulnerable and mainly of low-income. Part of the grant will be allocated towards immigrants who are victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, and the other will go towards helping immigrants who need help with visas, green cards etc. LSEM has served over 200 immigrants crime victims and their family members up to this time while helping law enforcement to strengthen families and combat crime in the lower income areas. The organization leaders are hoping that the grant will eventually help put victims on a path to citizenship. In 2012, LSEM reports of helping over 17,000 people in over 21 counties of eastern Missouri. The first step to handling immigration problems or questions is finding a trusted immigration attorney who can help. LSEM allows all immigrants, especially those who cannot afford legal help, to get it.

If you have questions regarding the new immigration reform, applying for a visa or the changing immigration laws, contact us at 314-961-8200 or visit our contact page.