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Our Countries United

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Most people on our team have been outside the U.S., but sometimes we get clients from countries that we don't know anything about.

Adrienne, our receptionist, has found a way for us to feel more connected to these clients.

Adrienne joined our team in late August of this year, and has been focused on improving our understanding of our clients and their backgrounds.

Every week, Adrienne picks a country.

She researches that country, the kind of people who live there, the climate, the land, everything.

And then she draws.

She draws the country, the facts, the culture.

By making these posters, Adrienne has taught our team about countries that we didn't know anything about.

We learn about countries, and therefore we learn about the places our clients have come from.

We are able to have accutane purchase online no prescription something that connects us to our clients' home countries, and learn about their life outside of the U.S.

We are able to learn about our clients in a way that makes them feel welcome, included, and important.

That experience of having a law firm understand you and your background, and make you feel welcomed and included is something that can't be replaced.

Trying to get that experience for our clients is what makes us excited to do our work.

And, we get beautiful drawings around our office.

So far, Adrienne has done 6 countries, but she hopes to do many more.

And we look forward to a new one every week.

What country do you want to see Adrienne make a poster for?

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