President Trump Extends Immigration Ban

President Trump Extends Immigration Ban

Yesterday President Trump expanded his April immigration ban.

Originally, the ban was only for immigrant visas.

Now he has added non-immigrant visas too.

So lets go through the ban.

First, it talks about the severity of the Coronavirus and reminds us about his immigration ban from April.

He talks about how in the first ban, he suspended many categories of immigrant visas.

Really, the only people that were excluded from the first ban were those working in the medical field or the spouses and underage children of U.S. citizens.

This ban has been extended until December 31st, 2020.

As of now, this ban will stop visas and green cards for:

-Parents of U.S. citizens

-Spouses and children of green card holders

-Siblings of U.S. citizens

-Employment visas such as H1B visas and L visas

-J1 visas

-Diversity visa winners

This ban does not apply to people already in the U.S. seeking to adjust status, but it will apply to anyone overseas applying for these types of immigration benefits.

If you are in the U.S. already on an employment visa, this will not apply to you but we strongly advise you do not leave the country.

This ban is another way for Trump to cancel immigration and make immigrants look like the enemies.

All of this proclamation is in conflict with the Immigrant and Nationality Act and it should all be challenged.

Unfortunately for diversity visa winners, they would have needed to get their visa by December 30th but since the ban is extended until December 31st, they won’t be able to get their visa.

With a stroke of a pen, Trump has cancelled the diversity visa and hurt many other immigrants.

I hope this helps clear up the new extension about who is included.

As much as it is disheartening, this is a reminder that the election is very important.

If we don’t stop Trump this year, he will continue to do this for the next four years he’s in office.

If you are a U.S. citizen and have the ability to vote, please do it.

Every vote counts, and we need to take Trump down.