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Refugee Owned Falafel House Giving Free Meals to Federal Employees During Trump's Shutdown

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Looking for a good falafel joint? Well, look no further than Yassin's Falafel House in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Yassin's Falafel House, which was voted the "Nicest Place in America" is providing free meals to the federal employees and their families that have been impacted by the government shutdown.

As Trump continues to stand his ground, calling for $5.7 billion for a border wall, many government employees are forced to work without pay. Some government employees have discussed how they are late on their mortgage payments, car payments, and other bills. The situation is becoming more dire as there is no sign of ending the partial government shutdown anytime soon.

Yassin Terou, the owner of Yassin's Falafel House, wanted to do something to help. Thus, he announced on the Yassin's Falafel House Facebook page that both of his restaurants would provide free meals to federal employees and their families.

Terou is a refugee from Syria. He told Good Morning America, "It's important for me [to provide free meals] because these guys are our brothers and sisters, and they already did the work, and they aren't getting paid."

"For someone like me who is living the American dream in the American land," he continued, "I believe every hard worker should reach his goal and have a good level of life."

The announcement on the Yassin's Falafel House Facebook page said, "We are more than happy to serve them because they been serving us all this days and we are not going to let them alone." The post included a graphic of a red heart that said "OPEN YOUR HEART."

Robin Roberts of ABC said on Good Morning America that when she visited the restaraunt she "found more than great food...[she found] love the moment [she] walked in the door."

Yassin ended his generous post with a wonderful hashtag: #weallneedloveplusfalafel

The Hacking Immigration Law couldn't agree more.

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