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Rep. Paul Ryan says immigration reform will come in pieces in the House of Representatives.

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Everyone is eagerly awaiting the Republican's proposal for immigration reform, so gathering what it will be like from comments by Congress members is only adding to the excitement. Rep. Paul Ryan spoke Thursday about the likelihood of the legislation being introduced in small pieces so as not to overwhelm Congress and ensure each section is clear and understandable.

Ryan speaks about new piecemeal bill

Rep. Paul Ryan says he is looking forward to the new immigration bill which will most likely come in the form of smaller individual parts. "Let's just say it's eight bills — I don't know. These will represent a smart approach," Ryan said. "We don't want to get into a situation where we end up with some big 1,000-page bill. But we do realize there are things that have to be sequenced.”

Last year the Senate passed a comprehensive bipartisan bill that addressed many key issues about immigration, but critics deemed it too broad, long and not specific enough. Hopefully by creating smaller more specific bills, they will be easier to pass and debated more thoroughly. He said that there is no set timetable that must be followed ahead of next week’s caucus, but immigration will be the top of the agenda for all policymakers on Capitol Hill. Supporters are renewing their hopes that new drastic changes will finally occur with immigration.

Immigration Overhaul on its way to being passed?

The goal, according to lawmakers, is to create a bill that is not modeling the previous senate bill, but rather, combines the most important ideas about immigration changes. President Obama has previously stated he would be supportive of a piecemeal approach as long as it contains all the important components and is finally passed.

Ryan himself favors the idea of immigrants living in the country illegally to be able to come out of the shadows and gain citizenship. He believes immigration is a positive thing for America and can help it grow economically. Based off positive feedback from various legislators, immigration reform is looking to be on a positive track to being passed before the end of this year according to ABC News.

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