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Report: Immigration Bill Would Add Nearly 14,000 Jobs Per Congressional District | STL MO Immigration Attorney

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A positive new report has been released regarding the Senate bill which has hit a wall as Congress remains in recess and immigrant groups grow more impatient. The Senate’s immigration bill is estimated to add nearly 14,000 new jobs in each congressional district over the next decade according to a new report.

The American Action Network (AAN) has analyzed statistics and detailed the economic necessity for an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws. The group is distributing the new analysis to lawmakers’ offices as a way to convince GOP congressmen and women to vote for the immigration reform proposals once the recess is over. These promising figures can not only help convince lawmakers to vote for the bill, but they also have economists optimistic over the future of market growth. According to the study, no district sees less than 7,000 jobs created by 2023. A new component of immigration reform is looking at it as a job-creation effort. Some opponents of the reform still do not believe the numbers promised by the leaders of the study. Sen. Jeff Sessions criticized the original REMI report saying that “a finite amount of jobs would go to newly arrived immigrants on work visas rather than Americans.” Others have criticized these studies further with remarks about there being a shortage of jobs-not a shortage of workers.

No denying the bill will increase jobs

Several different groups have come out with studies about the impact of the immigration bill. Other reports have predicted the opposite saying the bill would create far less jobs, or even take away jobs. However, if this study is indeed correct, the per-district average would generate over 6 million jobs over the next decade nationwide. While various reports have included different numbers, in the end, the majority show that jobs do increase as a result of the reform bill and legislators should consider this as a factor when voting on the bill once they return from their break.

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