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Senator McCain and others get an earful when they travel back home to talk about immigration.

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Hold your horses.  All of the tales of hugs and kisses between Democrats and Republicans in Congress just a few weeks before with immigration reform has quickly died down as legislators are returning home to hear what their constituents have to say.  Many voters are none too pleased.

Arizona Senator John McCain is one example, as video captured a recent, heated town hall meeting where an angry constituent said, “The only thing that will stop them is a gun.” Many constituents feel betrayed by McCain and other Republican legislators who have taken a more lenient stance on immigrant.  Those opposing immigration reform criticize the new "leniency."  Several other legislators are receiving similar remarks when visiting their home towns.

The comment by one of the Arizona constituents that struck a chord with Congressmen and the media is that there is an apparent disagreement with the proposed path to citizenship for undocumented workers. President Obama’s leaked plan to give all undocumented immigrants citizenship within 8 years also did not help gain many skeptical supporters. Many Americans feel that a change needs to be made, but talks of "amnesty" make some people nervous. The nation as a whole does not want to seem weak by allowing 11 million individuals who came to the U.S. without proper documents simply gain amnesty, but at the same time with the given situation, there may be no other option except to let them stay as many have lived here for many years and have established their jobs and families in the U.S.

Congressional watchdogs are still hopeful and optimistic the proposal will pass, but there the early momentum seems to be subsiding. If you have questions regarding how changes by Congress to the immigration laws in 2013 might affect you or your family, contact us at 314-961-8200 or visit our contact page.

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