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St. Louis Immigration Attorney Jim Hacking Discusses Why More Cities are Rejecting Anti-Immigrant Proposals

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With a shrinking U.S.-born workforce, more cities across the nation are rolling out the red carpet for immigrants in order to help the economy. By rejecting anti-immigrant laws and embracing the positive contributions immigrants have on a city, more states are focusing on immigrant integration.

Cities with strictest laws rejecting them for immigrant integration

In Arizona cities that were subject to the controversial immigration law, SB 1070, the “papers please” provision caused much hostility in communities. However, several city leaders have taken a different approach to this provision and the city council in Tucson voted to change how police implement immigration status inquires during normal stops. After SB1070 was struck down in June 2012, the new policies include minors only being questioned with an attorney or guardian present and individuals who report crimes will not have their immigration status checked.

Local Municipalities making own decisions

Tucson declared themselves an “immigrant welcoming city” and many others soon followed. States began welcoming immigrants and embracing newcomers through “community initiatives, policies, and ordinances.”

Chicago, St. Louis and Dayton are some of the big cities that are implementing their plan to grow their economies through welcoming foreign-born residents. In fact, the trend seems to be opposite of what it was just a few years back when most people considered immigrants as those who took away jobs.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, most of the population gets their views on immigration from the government but with the influence of immigration activists and those who believe in equal opportunities for all, officials and cities are taking a much different approach. As Congress struggles to make decisions on the federal level, local municipalities are saying, “We’re not going to wait.”

Treating immigrant populations with the respect that everyone deserves makes good sense.  As cities struggle to balance budgets and reign in deficits, attracting and retaining young immigrant families helps restabilize distressed areas in shrinking communities.

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