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Staying Here - Immigration Book

The International Student's Path to Finding a Job and Visa Sponsor in the U.S.

  • How to maximize your chances of staying in the U.S. after graduation 
  • The 10 Key Steps to Finding a Job and Visa Sponsor
  • Tips on how to explain your status to potential employers
  • The secret to two international students who got to stay in the U.S.
  • Possible alternatives to the employment-visa path
  • Discover why more international students don't get to stay here
  • Start down your path by downloading the free ebook now!

In This Ebook, You'll Discover:

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Jim Hacking has helped over 1300 immigrants since 2007!

"Wow. For weeks I’ve been looking for a comprehensive summary of this process. Now here it is, and it’s free.

Thank you so much for making this available to us students. Feels like finding a little treasure" 

- Julian S.. - Germany

Want to learn the path to finding your dream job and educating 

yourself on the rules governing how you can stay in the U.S.? 


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. James Hacking for all the help and dedication him and his staff provided to me …I would never have thought that any would have been able to help me thru this.

His advice was excellent and also of great importance was his promptness ,accountability, honesty and sensitivity . unlike many other attorneys he was not concerned more about his fees than resolving the actual matter for which his opinion was asked.

I will recommend Mr James Hacking to anybody who needs assistance for naturalization with respect and professionalism. Thank u for all u have done for me."

Saba From Maryland

Family Based Visa

"I can’t say enough about the outstanding service provided by the Hacking Law Firm. With the guidance and service of Hacking Law Firm my new wife and I breezed through every step of the immigration process without a glitch.

Their St. Louis based office offers a warm friendly feel, backed by exceptional service and smiles. Thanks for all the help Jim."

Jeff Huelskoetter

Spouse Visa

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