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Global Seller Amazon Pulls Anti-Immigrant Sticker After Gisele Fetterman Tweet

Global seller Amazon has removed an offensive anti-immigrant sticker from being sold on their website after Pennsylvania Second Lady Gisele Fetterman sent them a tweet about it.

Fetterman noticed the offensive sticker, an outline of the U.S. with "(Expletive) Off, We're Full" filling the shape, posted on the back of a truck window at an intersection.

"It was really mean and kind of hateful and I wondered many things, like 'why does this person feel this way?'" Fetterman said of the incident.

Fetterman, who is married to the Lt. Governor, googled the sticker to find out who sold it online. Her search landed her to Amazon, the world's largest online marketplace.

She discusses how she reached out to them, "So I just sent a simple, sweet kind of tweet to Amazon, asking them to reconsider their power and their platform and their responsibility to pout something that was really glorifying hate out into the masses."

Fetterman was born in Brazil and moved ativan no prescription usa with her family to New York when she was a child. For a period of time, they were all undocumented immigrants. She felt the sticker was hateful towards immigrants like her, so she took a very emotional response to it.

Attached with a picture of the sticker, the tweet read, "Spotted locally and made me nauseous. Please reconsider the power and influence of your platform."

Several people began re-tweeting the post, and it got the attention of Amazon within a day.

Soon after, Amazon responded to her tweet: "Thank you for letting us know. We're removing the item and addressing this with the seller."

After hearing about the response, Fetterman said, "I'm sure there are going to be other places that sell it, but I teach my children if you see something, do something. How can I teach them that if I don't act when I am in the presence of an injustice?"

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