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The History and Purpose of J1 Visas

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The J1 sort of came about after World War II and a lot of devastated countries. The United States wanted to export democracy, and one way they wanted to do that was to bring international scholars to the United States to study.

Requirements for the J1 Visa

Many J1s carry a requirement with it called 212E, which requires them to go back home for two years at the end of their study. Through a J1 visa, many students have the opportunity to receive funding they need for their educations. However, while this visa can be easy to apply for and receive, it comes at a cost. People who receive this visa are required to return back home after completing their educations.

While there are routes that J1 visa holders could take to remove this stipulation, it is a tremendous hassle to remove. Because of this, F1 visas are commonly more preferable.

Programs that Advocate for the J1 Visas

One popular program, the Fulbright program, is a huge advocate for J1 visas. They bring exceptionally intelligent scholars from all over the world to the United States to study. They do this in a way to promote democracy. Many of these scholars get to enter the United States and enjoy life here before heading back home with their experiences. Many of the Fulbright scholars end up returning home to their countries and become political leaders.

Limitations to the J1

While a J1 visa is great for students who wish to return home, it may not be the ideal option for students who are looking to stay within the country. Many students looking to stay and find employment vie for an H1 visa, instead. This visa allows students to apply for extensions, visa lotteries, and eventually a green card.

If you are looking to apply for either, reach out to the Hacking Immigration Law, LLC for the help you need.

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