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The thing about immigration these days

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Here's the thing about immigration these days.

Everything is harder.

The easy cases are hard.  The hard cases are even harder.

USCIS pushes back in each and every case.

There's always some delay.

Some phony reason for not issuing a decision on the day of the interview.

And we have inconsistent results.

Inconsistent results in a given office.

Cases which would be approved in one office get denied in another.

And vice versa.

Many people are forced to sue the government in federal court to get a decision which should have been issued long ago.

The long slog towards a decision keeps getting longer.

What does this mean for people seeking an immigration benefit?

Should they just not file?

Some people certainly shouldn't file.

We often see cases that led not only to a denial, but also to someone being placed in removal (deportation) proceedings.

So you need to be smart.

And you need to be careful.

Because sometimes a denial is not the worst thing that can happen.

These days, you can be charged with fraud even when you didn't lie.

You can be denied over a minor mistake.

Another interesting thing is that while there are good officers at USCIS, some have been emboldened by the President and his anti-immigrant rhetoric.

They believe that the Administration has their back.

That they are supposed to be mean.  Supposed to be cruel.

It doesn't have to be this way.

There is another election coming up.

If you are frustrated and upset with the current state of immigration and you have the right to vote, do it.

Research the candidates.

Figure out whose position matches yours.

And get out and vote.

Organize your friends, get involved.

This is the most important election of our lifetime.

We can't screw this up.

Or the treatment of immigrants will only get worse.

And worse.

Until there is no more immigration.

And that would be a crime.

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