Trump is Starting a War with Chinese Grad Students

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There is another executive order from President Trump.

This time, he is attacking post-graduate students from China.

He recently signed an executive order to stop F and J visas to post-graduate students from China, arguing that the government of China is using grad students and researchers to collect intellectual property to use against the U.S.

But U.S. educators are saying the exact opposite.

Educators argue that China has been the biggest collaborator with the U.S. in STEM research, and is helping on many projects that would benefit the U.S., such as vaccine research for COVID-19.

The executive order does not include undergraduate students or green card holders.

As for Trump’s claim that the Chinese government is using grad students and researchers to collect intellectual property, there is no widespread proof.

This is probably another ploy to make immigrants look bad.

Unfortunately, when he says things like this, his base gets fired up and believes anything he says.

And that’s disheartening.

He is creating a rise of anti-Asian racism across his supporters.

From claims that are not true about the majority of Chinese grad students.

And it’s going to hurt our economy in the end.

One-third of our international students are from China, most of whom pay out of pocket for tuition and other fees.

Last year, Chinese grad students alone contributed $45 billion to the U.S. economy.

Trump is starting a war that is only going to hurt the U.S.

The only way to stop Trump is to get him out of office.

So do your part.

If you are a U.S. citizen, please vote.

Let’s stop this madness.