USCIS Opens Tomorrow, June 4th

USCIS Opens Tomorrow, June 4th

In March, USCIS announced they were closing their non-emergency, public-facing side.

Tomorrow, they are re-opening.

But it wont be business as usual.

They are scheduling fewer interviews to limit how many people are in the offices at any given time.

You will not be allowed in if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, have been in contact with anyone believed to have COVID-19, or have been directed to self-quarantine by a health care professional within the last 14 days.

No arriving early, either.

You aren’t going to be allowed to enter the building more than 15 minutes before your appointment, or 30 minutes for naturalization ceremonies.

You will also have to wear a face mask covering your mouth and nose.

If you don’t have one, USCIS will either provide one or you will have to reschedule your appointment.

They say they are going to begin scheduling naturalization ceremonies also, but they will be shorter and attendance will be limited to naturalization applicants and anyone assisting disabled applicants.

No family and friends.

They did not announce when they would return to business as usual, but it could be a while.

If you had an appointment scheduled while they were closed to the public, you should have received a notice that it was rescheduled.

As of now, embassies are still closed and have not announced when they would be opening again.

It may be a while.

This could be the new normal.

Stay safe.