VIDEO: Can an LPR sponsor a family member for an immigrant visa and green card?

A lot of the people who come to our website want to know if I am here on a green card, can I sponsor my family members to come to the United States on a green card. The answer is that a green card holder can only sponsor their spouse or their underage children to come to the United States and get a green card themselves.  There is a wait for those green cards. It is not an immediately available visa. There is a backlog of even spouse and children of green card holders to come to the United States.

Other than that, green card holders are not eligible to sponsor say, their parents or their brothers or sisters for a green card. The reason for that is that Congress has capped the number of family based visas and have put them in different categories and the law does not allow a lawful permanent resident to sponsor a parent or a sibling for lawful permanent residence. A lot of times people will say well I am a U. S. citizen and I am married to a green card holder, can I sponsor my brother-in-law or sister-in-law or my mother or father-in-law? No, that does not work either. The sponsoring relative has to be the direct relation of the other family member.

What you typically advise people in situations like this is you tell the green card holder you simply have to wait until you get your citizenship and then you can sponsor at that point your parents for a visa and there is an immediately available visa at that point. The green card holder can become a citizen and then sponsor their parents right away. Then as we discuss in other videos a green card holder who becomes a citizen can sponsor their brother or sister under current law but there is a long delay for those types of cases.

If you are searching the Internet wondering if you as a green card holder can sponsor a loved one, search no more. The long and the short of it is you can sponsor your wife or husband or your children and they can come sometime in the next couple of years. Other than that, a green card holder is ineligible to sponsor parents or siblings for a green card. If you have any questions about this, if you are wondering about how to file for immigrant visa for your mom or dad or your brother or sister, give us a call, 314-961-8200 or you can always shoot me an email, Thanks.