VIDEO: Can I just show up at immigration to ask about my case?

Many people think that they can simply show up at USCIS without an appointment.  The fact is that you have to make an appointment.

InfoPass is the system that USCIS uses to schedule appointments at the local field office.  At your InfoPass appointment, you can find out about the progress of any pending cases.  If a case is stuck, an InfoPass appointment may help to nudge it along.

But you cannot receive legal advice at an InfoPass appointment.  While some window agents are helpful, others are not.  So you may or may not get the answers that you want at the InfoPass appointment.

If you have not been satisfied with the answers at your local immigration field office – in St. Louis, Missouri or elsewhere – feel free to give us a call at (314) 961-8200 and we will try and help you.