VIDEO: Endorsement for the Hacking Law Practice from noted attorney Mr. Gary Burger

One of the greatest validations of our work is when another attorney is willing to risk their reputation by referring an immigration client our way.  We take these referrals very seriously.  We are humbled by Gary’s rigning endorsement of the work we do.

I’m Gary Burger of Cantor and Burger. I’m at St. Louis area law firm, and if I have a client who has an immigration issue or visa issue I send them to my friend Jim Hacking at the Hacking Law Group.

Jim is the top of his field, a pillar of professionalism, and has that aggressiveness and determination to make sure that his clients get the full justice they’re entitled to under our nation’s immigration laws.

I took immigration when I was in law school and I loved the area, but I don’t practice in that, and so whenever my clients or business people, or other professional friends of mine have immigration questions and need aggressive, sound, and quick immigration representation, we send them to Jim Hacking. Thank you.