VIDEO: St. Louis Immigration Attorney Jim Hacking Discusses Deferred Inspection

When a lawful permanent resident or other non-citizen travelers go overseas and attempt to return to the U.S., they sometimes receive deferred inspection when going through Customs.  Deferred inspection means that the traveler will be granted temporary admission to the U.S., but with a requirement that the person return to Customs at a later date to demonstrate that they are, in fact, admissible to the U.S.

Two major reasons that people receive deferred inspection are when they take long trips (beyond 6 months) outside the U.S. or if they got in criminal trouble prior to leaving the U.S.  Often, CBP will require the foreigner to get certified records of criminal convictions or arrests and bring them back to Customs.

If the officers determine that the traveler is admissible, they will be given their green card and passport back at the later visit.  If not, the individual could end up in deportation proceedings.

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