Can a Waiver Keep You from Being Deported?

Can a Waiver Keep You from Being Deported?

Are you facing deportation but believe that you may be eligible for a waiver? What is a waiver, anyway, and can it really help with your situation? In this video, St. Louis immigration attorney Jim Hacking explains how a waiver can help you and what you need to do in order to make sure you present the best possible case.

Sometimes, people may be deemed inadmissible for a minor crime, for overstaying their visas, or even for working without authorization. In situations such as these, a waiver is a very helpful and effective way to stay in the country.

A waiver is granted at the discretion of the Department of Homeland Security. It is a very important tool in an immigration attorney’s toolbox that allows them to fashion a relief for the person. Yes, the person may have committed a minor crime and, yes, he or she may be inadmissible for this relatively minor thing. The waiver allows the person to stay in the country despite the fact that he or she has done this relatively minor thing.

While waivers may sound like the answer to all problems, they do to not apply to major crimes.

If you are facing deportation and feel that you may be eligible for a waiver, a St. Louis deportation attorney may be able to help. Call Hacking Immigration Law at 314.961.8200 to learn more about how a waiver can help you.