Can I Bring My Overseas Family Member to the United States?

Can I Bring My Overseas Family Member to the United States?

Are you wanting to bring a spouse or relative to the United States from overseas but don’t know what to do? In this video, St. Louis immigration attorney Jim Hacking tells you what you need to know about filling out green card papers for someone who is overseas.

Bringing someone the US from overseas is a complex process. First, we gather all of the required documentation and file your paperwork with the immigration service here in the United States.

Second, about two weeks after sending in the paperwork, we will receive a receipt notice which contains case numbers that we can use to track the processing steps of your case through immigration services. At this point, we sometimes also receive a request for evidence, in which we will need to provide additional documentation.

Once the immigration service has approved the application, it’s sent to the National Visa Center, at which point original documentation—such as marriage and birth certificates—will need to be provided. At this point, we will also file an affidavit of support and a police report for the overseas party, which states that he or she is a person of good moral character.

The package then travels to the embassy overseas, where the overseas party will need to go in for an interview. Assuming that the interview goes well, the party should receive a green card approximately two weeks later.

If you have questions or concerns about applying for a green card for someone overseas, contact a St. Louis green card lawyer at Hacking Immigration Law.