Can I go it alone when filing a fiancee visa?

Can I go it alone when filing a fiancee visa?

Why do I need an immigration attorney to help me with my fiancé Visa? Hi, I’m Jim Hacking, immigration attorney practicing law here in St. Louis, Missouri. You know, we have a lot of people who come to our office, who’ve tried to file an immigration application on their own. Their case is all screwed up.

They come to us to ask for help. Whatever they filed didn’t work. They need help. Sometimes they’ve come to see us before they did it on their own. Sometimes they come  to us after they did it on their own. Obviously, we can’t fault people who want to try to do it on their own. A lot of times, it’s a really bad idea. Frankly, people don’t know the immigration regulations. They don’t know the law. They don’t know the procedure. Even though they may be very well educated and working very well in their field of endeavor, if they haven’t educated themselves and don’t know what to do, they can really screw up a case.

I’m going to tell you a story about someone who we’re helping now, who had a situation where she filed a fiancé Visa on her own. She met this man on line, very nice fellow. They really hit it off. After several months of corresponding on line, they actually met overseas. They really hit it off. They decided that she would file a fiancé Visa for him. Instead of hiring an immigration attorney, she went ahead and did that.

She filed all the paper work. There was one form missing. The Immigration Service sent here what’s called a Request for Evidence, which is a letter documenting what it is that the Immigration Service needs, in order to proceed on your application. She submitted the wrong form. She thought she was submitting the right form. She did her very best. She’s a very intelligent, smart, hard working person, who was obviously trying to do the best for her and her fiancé .

Because she sent in the wrong form, their case was denied. She came to us after having spent about 8 months waiting for her fiancé to be able to come. She had to start the process all over, with us, with our help. If she had come to us, either before she filed, or when she had gotten the Request for Evidence, we would have been able to help her.

Instead, we all had to start all over. She had to pay a filing fee all over again. She had to pay us. More importantly, she and her fiancé had to wait. They lost all that time they had spent, waiting on the prior application. There are plenty things in immigration land that people can do on their own. We typically don’t get involved in situations where someone wants to bring their Mom or Dad on a visit. There’s other types of, sometimes with student Visas, that we don’t get involved in.

With anything complicated, like a fiancé Visa, we think that people are very well served in using an immigration attorney. Whether you use us or not, it’s up to you. You should definitely consider what you’re really paying for and what your benefiting from, by using an immigration attorney.

We deal with these things on an everyday basis, because our office is set up to handle Requests for Evidence and applications in the first place, we honestly believe that we’re better served to help you, than you would be on your own. If we didn’t, we’d shut our doors and go home. We think that we give great value. We think that using an immigration attorney is the best money someone who wants to bring someone from overseas, like a fiancé, can do.

It’s just heart breaking when you see these situations where people could be in very good immigration status, but instead, are delayed, or denied because they didn’t talk to an immigration attorney and then didn’t hire one. If you’re thinking about it, if you’re on the fence, you owe it to yourself to at least talk to an immigration attorney. Most immigration attorneys don’t charge for the initial consultation. Don’t go it alone. Don’t think you know everything. Don’t think you can read something on the Internet and educate yourself sufficiently, to bring your fiancé or other loved ones to the United States.

As always, if you have any questions, give us a call. (314) 961-8200. Or, you can always shoot me an email at [email protected] We’d be happy to help you get squared away. Thanks.