Charged with a Crime? Contact a St. Louis Deportation Lawyer

Charged with a Crime? Contact a St. Louis Deportation Lawyer

A vast majority of people who come to our office and are facing deportation could have become citizens long ago, but because they or their family members never filed the necessary paperwork, they never became citizens. Then, down the road, they plead guilty to a minor charge and are now faced with the possibility of deportation.

Taking a few moments to fill out forms could have saved you months in jail, and now you’re facing deportation because of a minor offense like a drug charge or bounced check. If you’re facing criminal charges on top of deportation, you’ll need to work with a criminal defense attorney.

A good criminal defense attorney knows that if he has a non-citizen client, he needs to work with an experienced immigration attorney. If he doesn’t, the client may show up at his probation hearing only to be faced with deportation agents who are deporting him for the crime, for which his criminal defense attorney told him he would not be deported.

Because criminal defense attorneys aren’t always going to consult with an immigration attorney, you should always call an immigration attorney first. Let the immigration attorney work with criminal defense council to make sure that—if at all possible—you enter into a plea that is going to give you the best chance to stay in the country.

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